DRC : Evaluation of the Bank's Country Strategy and Program 2004-2015

Date: 24/03/2017
Type: Country Assistance Evaluation
Country(ies): Regional Members » Central Africa » Democratic Rep. of Congo

This evaluation, initiated and conducted by Independent Development Evaluation (IDEV), is part of a comprehensive evaluation of the development results (CEDR) of the Bank. Its goal is to review the specificity of the Bank's actions in a transition economy like DRC, and make recommendations that could help improve the effectiveness of Bank assistance while supporting the preparation and operationalization of its future strategies in DRC over the 2017-2021 period. The evaluation covers Bank strategies, operations and policy dialogue activities implemented through various financing mechanisms in DRC over the 2004-2015 period.1 The evaluation method is based on two major themes, namely: obtaining development results and performance-based management of Bank interventions. It is structured around 20 evaluation questions (Annex 1.b) which mainly focus on aspects of fragility and is based on a documentary review, discussions with experts and quick surveys on the intervention sites that included individual and group discussions, consultation workshops and direct observations.