Evaluation Week resources- Thursday 10/11/2016

Date: 13/10/2016
Type: Other

The 4th day of Evaluation Week was dedicated to  the High 5s  "Improving the Quality of Life for Africans" and "Integrating Africa". To round up the event, a panel of evaluation experts gave their thoughts on how to "climbing the High 5 learning curve", discussing the importance of both self and independant evaluations of development achievements, and the way forward in light of the challenges posed by the AfDB's ambitions to transform Africa. 

"Do we learn more from success or from failure? From success, we can deduce that we should do more of the same where failure can lead to innovation. The private sector handles this quite well, but in a public-sector framework, risking public money on innovation raises issues", Keith Leonard, Development Evaluation Expert, EBRD. 

In his presentation on Integrating Africa, Frederik Soderbaum of the University of Gothenburg said "There is increasing diversity of African integration mechanisms with regional organizations, regional networks and functional regional programmes & bottom-up regionalism. Regional integration and regional organizations in Africa are extremely dependent on external funding (more than other regions of the world), yet there is little systematic evidence on the effects of donor support and development financing on regional integration. Due to the knowledge gap, at this point in time it is easier to find evidence about what is not working. There is an urgent need for systematic and high-quality evidence through evaluation & research".  


Integrate Africa presentation / Intégrer l’Afrique présentation from AfDBGroup on Vimeo.

Evaluation Week – Climbing the High 5 Learning Curve from AfDBGroup on Vimeo.

Improving quality of life for Africa

An awards ceremony was held with prizes for the best photos, presentations and essays. The winning essays can be found here