Evaluation Week resources- Wednesday 09/11/2016

Date: 13/10/2016
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Day 3 of Evaluation week was on the High 5 themes of " Feed Africa"  and "Industrialise Africa".  In his keynote address of the Feed Africa session, Mr Chris Toe of the World Food Programme stressed that we should focus on the most vulnerable and the recognition that reaching Africa’s hungry poor requires a fundamental revolution in how we collectively work; and that doing business as usual is insufficient. "If we fail to change what we do, and how much we do, we will not realize change in the time or at the scaled up levels required, he said. In fact, if we keep responding in the same way, evidence suggests that by 2030 some 650 million people, many of them in Africa, will remain left behind, trapped in hunger’s vicious cycle. And if we fail to mitigate climate-change by 2050, an additional 200 million, many in Africa again, will join the ranks of the hungry poor". 

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Feed Africa panel discussion / Discussion panel : Nourrir l’Afrique from AfDBGroup on Vimeo.

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Results-based M&E presentation / Présentation M&E sur résultats from AfDBGroup on Vimeo.

The Industrialize Africa panel discussion began with a presentation on private-sector development. Stakeholders and economists discussed the six largest obstacles to doing business in Africa, as revealed by the findings from a recent synthesis report. 

"We must generate resources internally and challenge our central banks, using the example of micro-financing models.  Let’s innovate and generate our own resources".  Mariam Dao Gabala, CEO of MDG Consulting, and Chair of the Board of Solidaridad. 

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