Independent Evaluation of the Bank's Eastern Africa Regional Integration Strategy

Date: 27/02/2017
Type: Thematic Review
Status: Completed

This report provides a summary of the findings of the Eastern Africa Regional Integration Strategy Paper (RISP). This evaluation is timely as it will inform the preparation of the new Eastern Africa RISP. As such, the objective of the evaluation is two-fold: 1) assess the extent to which development results have been achieved in the context of the RISP; and 2) suggest potential improvements that will feed into and help guide the preparation of the next Regional Integration Strategy (RIS).
The evaluation findings are based on multiple lines of evidence including: i) a literature and document review; ii) key informant interviews; iii) a portfolio review; and iv) in-depth, field-based project results assessments (PRAs). This report is structured in a way to present what the Bank has achieved and how the Bank has managed its regional and multi-country operations in Eastern Africa. The evaluation also proposes recommendations at both the strategic and operational levels in order to enhance the Bank’s contribution to regional integration.