ONGOING: Evaluation of the Bank’s Assistance in The Energy Sector- Approach Paper

Date: 07/01/2015
Type: Business Process Review
Sector(s): Energy & Power
Status: On-going

In the context of the Comprehensive Evaluation of the Bank’s Development Results (CEDR), the African Development Bank is evaluating its assistance to the Energy Sector. A universe including at least 133 Bank-financed energy operations and studies approved during the 14-year period from 2000 to 2013 will be assessed. The goal of the evaluation is to inform the Bank’s future strategic and operational approach to energy sector assistance, by identifying emerging trends in the sector, assessing how the Bank has responded to these trends, taking stock of the results of the Bank’s assistance and drawing lessons for future work. The evaluation combines the two objectives of accountability (by determining the extent to which the Bank has contributed to the development of the energy sector in RMCs) and learning (by identifying lessons on how the Bank can contribute most effectively to improving RMCs’ energy sectors).

The assessment will focus on all public and private sector energy infrastructure operations, analytical work (studies, ESW, etc.), and activities related to institutional strengthening and capacity-building approved during the evaluation period. The following three subsectors will be considered: power-supply schemes; renewable energy projects or assistance; and oil and gas projects or assistance.

The evaluation will focus on issues of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the Bank’s operations in the energy sector. Furthermore, the assessment will draw on extant portfolio and literature reviews, to provide a framework for country and regional case studies as well as special thematic studies (cluster evaluations). Doing so will enable the evaluation to undertake an in-depth assessment of critical issues that are essential to identifying lessons for the Bank’s operational effectiveness in the energy sector.

Task Manager: Hajime Onishi