ONGOING: Evaluation of Bank’s Support to the Agricultural Value Chains Development: Draft Approach Paper

Date: 03/07/2016
Type: Corporate Evaluation
Status: On-going

The evaluation of Bank’s support to the agricultural value chains is being conducted as part of the work program approved by the African Development Bank Board Committee on Operations and for Development Effectiveness (CODE) in December 2015; and will assess the agricultural portfolio during the period 2005-2016, and which amounts to around UA 3.1 billion. This evaluation aims to provide lessons and experience for the effective implementation and design of agriculture value chain interventions which is at the center of the new strategy of the Bank in transforming agriculture in Africa: Feed Africa (2016-2025). Moreover, the evaluation will provide the opportunity to review the Bank’s support results in terms of promoting gender, improving incomes and agricultural productivity.

The assessment will cover different forms of interventions of the Bank in the agriculture sector including projects, policy-based operations, studies, and institutional support projects. Some of the areas of the value chain that will be reviewed include infrastructure, access to credit and finance, policy reforms, market access, capacity, agri-business development, and etc.

The evaluation will be guided by the OECD‐DAC Criteria for International Development Evaluation, focusing on the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the Bank’s support. In order to allow for an assessment of the Bank’s organizational effectiveness, this evaluation will also assess the Bank’s management and operating practices, including the adoption of cross-cutting themes, design and delivery mechanisms, and management for results, and how these have contributed to the achievement of results. It will also draw on different sources of information (such as desk reviews, consultation with key stakeholders, and field visits), and will use both qualitative and quantitative analytical methods.