Revised Independent Evaluation Policy

Date: 22/09/2016
Type: Other
Status: Completed

Evaluation at the African Development Bank is led by Independent Development Evaluation (IDEV), which evaluates the Bank Group’s performance and the merit, worth, and pertinence of its development initiatives in regional member countries.  
Independence adds value to all evaluation products and processes. It protects the integrity of evaluation studies by enhancing credibility and opening diverse perspectives on policies, programs, and projects. Independent evaluation also attests to the quality of self-evaluation products and processes. It facilitates the timely adaptation of corporate management processes through reliable feedback and organizational learning mechanisms.  
A strong independent evaluation function is thus critical to the Bank Group’s development effectiveness. As the Bank Group adapts to external changes, its evaluation function must also evolve. Accordingly, and to keep up with good evaluation practices, this document supersedes the policy paper endorsed by the Committee on Operations and Development Effectiveness (CODE) dated March 23, 2007.