Water Supply & Sanitation in Africa: Findings, Lessons and Good Practices to Improve Delivery

Date: 25/06/2015
Type: Other products
Sector(s): Water & Sanitation
Status: Completed

This publication brings together a summary of innovations, good practices, and lessons learned from recent evaluations of interventions in the water supply and sanitation sector. Drawing from the evaluations of interventions undertaken by the African Development Bank, governments and other development partners, it highlights emerging good practices and innovations and reflects on the key lessons of successful and failed cases. It is informed by (i) a desk review of the evaluation reports of eighteen AfDB-funded water supply and sanitation projects completed between 2010 and 2012 and of the evaluation results of other development partners involved in water supply and sanitation in Africa, and (ii) the exchanges during a regional workshop organized by the AfDB in Morocco in November 2013 to share evaluation experiences of water supply and sanitation projects and programs.