Annual Report 2016

The world of international development is changing and so is the AfDB. Business as usual cannot be the response. Business Unusual is the fitting title of the 2016 IDEV Annual Report. During the past year…

IDEV has adapted to the changing context

  • by conducting evaluations to improve the Bank’s performance: 13 evaluations, including the Comprehensive Evaluation of the Bank’s Development Results which covers 10 years of AfDB operations and is the biggest ever undertaking by IDEV.
  • by being responsive to demand… for regional integration in the Eastern Africa region and in Central Africa and for an evaluation of the Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF)
  • and by raising Evaluation Capacity Development efforts. The African Parliamentarians’ Network on Development Evaluation (APNODE), the Evaluation Platform for Regional African Development Institutions and Strengthening National Evaluation Systems (SNES).

IDEV has positioned itself as a driver of change

  • IDEV organized its flagship event, the AfDB Development Evaluation Week, where more than 250 participants from Africa and beyond shared ideas to transform Africa through evaluation of the Bank’s High 5s. 

IDEV is transforming itself to support change

  • with a wider array of evaluation products and approaches
  • and restructuring the work program around the AfDB’s High 5s and the Bank’s transformation.