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Date: 27/02/2017

This report provides a summary of the findings of the Eastern Africa Regional Integration Strategy Paper (RISP). This evaluation is timely as it will inform the preparation of the new Eastern Africa RISP. As such, the objective of the evaluation is two-fold: 1) assess the extent to which development results have been achieved in the context of the RISP; and 2) suggest potential improvements that will feed into and help guide the preparation of the next Regional Integration Strategy (RIS).

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Date: 21/10/2016

This synthesis outlines the key findings of 33 evaluations of support for private sector development (PSD) undertaken by bilateral and multilateral institutions over the past five years. The purpose of the synthesis is to inform the strategic direction, design, and implementation of future PSD initiatives so as to leverage the sector’s role in spurring economic growth and advancing development effectiveness in Africa.

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Date: 11/02/2016

This Country Strategy and Program Evaluation aims at: (i) assessing the development results achieved through the assistance provided by the African Development Bank Group (“the Bank” or “AfDB”) to Ethiopia, and in particular the extent to which the Bank’s interventions made a difference  and how, and (ii) drawing lessons on how the Bank manages its interventions in the country  with the aim of  suggesting potential improvements to inform the preparation of the new Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Ethiopia.

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Date: 18/01/2016

As a key component of the Comprehensive Evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Development Results (CEDR), this evaluation measures the relevance, effectiveness, sustainability and efficiency of Bank Group assistance to Senegal over the period, as well as the institutional performances of the Borrower and the Bank between 2004 and 2013. The Government, civil society and the other actors concerned hope to learn lessons that will be reflected in the design and smooth implementation of the Bank's 2016-2020 Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Senegal.

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