IDEV Annual reports

Unlike commercial banks, the success of development banks like AfDB cannot be measured merely by turnover or profit. They must mobilize extra funds and syndicate financiers for development, and primarily show success by the much harder-to-measure development outcomes of programs, projects, knowledge work, policy dialogue and advice, capacity building and training. The Board of Directors depends on IDEV independent evaluations, on learning from them, and on a critical assessment of the AfDB's work. 

Key accomplishments in 2016

In 2016, we built on the momentum gathered over the previous years, delivering 13 high level evaluations that included two impact evaluations. Once again, this is the greatest number of evaluations that IDEV has completed in its 30-year history. The crown jewel of IDEV’s work in 2016 was the Comprehensive Evaluation of the Bank’s Development Results (CEDR). It was the most ambitious evaluation ever and the first of such scale in Bank history. The CEDR was predominantly informed by 14 country strategy evaluations – seven of which were delivered in 2016 – and 169 individual project results assessments.IDEV’s engagement in the complex, ever-shifting world of knowledge management continues to grow. We launched and participated in several knowledge-sharing and outreach events in our ongoing efforts to enhance the conduct and use of evaluations. Key among these were the AfDB Development Evaluation Week that we hosted in Abidjan and which was attended by over 250 participants. 


Key accomplishments in 2015

IDEV delivered 12 high-level influential evaluation reports, up from the previous record of nine in 2014. In 2015, IDEV delivered more reports than it has in any year in its 30-year history. IDEV also delivered on evaluations ranging from project-level to corporate; further scaled-up evaluation coverage and quality, promoted the use of evaluative knowledge, and strengthened evaluation systems in the Bank and in the RMCs.

Key accomplishments in 2014

IDEV delivered 9 of 13 planned reports as of December 31, 2014. Another 13 evaluations were initiated and carried over for delivery in 2015. All this was achieved despite a 9% budget cut in 2014. IDEV reinforced outreach, dissemination and learning initiatives throughout the Bank and pioneered evaluation capacity building initiatives in AfDB Regional Member Countries (RMCs).