Mr. Ringo Star MORDECAI

Ringo Star joined the IDEV family in September 2016. His mandate primarily focuses on validating, delivering error free, timely and quality proven project review reports commensurate with the IDEV’s development effectiveness mandate and contributing to the Bank Group’s evaluation driven strategic direction. Prior to his position in IDEV, he was responsible for the development of the NEPAD-IPPF Strategic Business Plan 2016-2020 including its results matrix. Ringo Star has also served as Senior Strategy Advisor Ernst and Young Management and Advisory Services, and headed several corporate divisions including consulting.

Ringo Star diligently contributed value to multiple consulting assignments for a myriad of top-notch multisector development and influential institutions among them the World Bank, UNDP/UNIFEM, ILO, ITDG, DANIDA, SIDA, CIDA, FAO, financial sector, monetary authorities, strategic planning, designing cutting edge capacity interventions for public sector executive boards (including infrastructure) and private sector leaders, policy and advisory services as well as conducting and reporting evaluations for different development financial institutions, agencies/partners.