Ms. Akua ARTHUR- KISSI, Evaluation officer

Akua Arthur-Kissi has been working in the development field for the past 16 years in different roles. She is currently an evaluator in the Independent Development Evaluation Department (IDEV) of the African Development Bank. She has been working on corporate, country programs and thematic evaluations for the past 8 years. She co-task managed a recently completed country strategy and program evaluation of South Africa (2004-2015), and also takes credit for her contributions to previous influential evaluations by IDEV:  Paris Declaration Review, Fragile States and Policy Based Operation evaluations of the Bank. Akua previously worked in the sector and country operations departments and the knowledge management unit of the Bank. Before joining the Bank, she worked momentarily with GIZ- Regional Aids Program for Africa in Ghana and with other private institutions. Fluent in both English and French, Ms.Arthur-Kissi holds an MSc degree in Project and Programmes management from Warwick University, UK, and has participated in a number of certification programs in monitoring , development evaluation and capacity building programs.