Ms. Erika MACLAUGHLIN Evaluation Officer

Erika has worked in IDEV as an evaluation officer and previously an evaluation coordinator for four years. She has 7-8 years of experience working in evaluation and policy research, both within IFIs and in the Government of Canada. Over this time, she has evaluated programs and policies across a range of subject matter, from international development to Human Resources to non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Her educational background is in experimental psychology, law and statistics. 

Most recently, she has worked on Country Strategy and Program Evaluations for Ghana and Zambia and IDEV’s Evaluation of the Bank’s Human Resources Management and Strategic Directions. She is currently working on an evaluation of Quality at Entry for Public and Private Sector Interventions, Quality Assurance across the Project Cycle and the IDEV Independent Peer Review.  

Her professional interests lie in use of evaluation as a management tool, sustainable private sector development, sustainable urban development and the evaluation of organizational “systems.” Her favourite aspects of working in evaluation are (i) constant change in subject matter; and (ii) the chance to import knowledge from multiple disciplines to innovate and solve complex problems.