Ms. Magdaline Nkando - Knowledge Management Consultant

Magdaline Nkando is a Kenyan national with 17 years of experience working with development projects at regional and international levels. She is a Knowledge Management, development communications and Organizational Development (OD) practitioner with a strong track record delivering high-impact communications and Knowledge Management programs at senior positions as well as a consultant in renowned international organizations including The World Bank, the African Development Bank (AfDB), Crown Agents for Oversea Governments and Administrations, and the Nile Basin Initiative. In her assignments, Magdaline mainly contributes to the implementation of the client’s Knowledge Management strategy; generating knowledge and making the most out of the available knowledge resources, thereby enabling task managers to better articulate their work program to internal and external audiences; building upon and expanding the culture of internal learning, sharing, collaboration, and innovation within and between the various programs, projects, and units; playing an active role in team reflections on project learnings, and in capturing those learnings into accessible formats; and documenting, synthesizing, and disseminating experiences, good practices, and lessons learned from the implementation of the client’s work program.

One of Magdaline’s key strengths is stakeholder mobilization and engagement, drawing from good understanding of the Africa region and a good experience record organizing high-impact stakeholder dialogues with diverse stakeholders including the government, civil society, and the academia. Magdaline possesses a wide range of skills that enables her to offer value-added contributions to diverse organizations including community mobilisation skills; presentation skills; research skills; writing and editing skills; Knowledge Management and development communication skills; and fundraising and project management skills. She is conversant with participatory development and learning methodologies, and she has written and edited works across genres including reviewing manuscripts for school curriculum, development projects’ knowledge products, intranets, websites, and various forms of Information, Communication, and Education (IEC) materials for lobbying and advocacy.

Magdaline holds a Master of Science in Organizational Development (OD) and a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences. Her Masters’ Thesis was “Examining the Practice of Knowledge Management in an Institution of Higher Education”. She is currently a scholar of Leadership & Organizational Change, and at the dissertation level of a PhD in Management program at the Walden University.