Ms. Penelope JACKSON, Chief Evaluation Officer

Penelope Jackson is an experienced evaluator, currently working in IDEV on thematic, country, and corporate evaluations.  She joined IDEV in February 2012, from OECD’s Review and Evaluation team, where she led reviews of bilateral programmes including Japan, the EU, Portugal, South Korea, and Sweden.  Her evaluation training began when she worked as the development specialist working on performance audits of the UK’s Department for International Development, for the NAO.  Before this she worked in parliamentary support in the UK and in Africa, running a range of Africa related research initiatives for parliamentary groups.

Penelope has worked in various countries including Kenya, and has led data collection missions in a wide variety of countries across the African continent and also beyond.  Her specialisms include robust qualitative data collection and analysis, as well as planning, and strategy development. She has a special interest in value for money and working to ensure that every development dollar is used as effectively as possible.

Penelope has an MSc (2001, Distn.) in “Violence, Conflict and Development” from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London).