Recent Evaluations

Date: 21/10/2016

This synthesis outlines the key findings of 33 evaluations of support for private sector development (PSD) undertaken by bilateral and multilateral institutions over the past five years. The purpose of the synthesis is to inform the strategic direction, design, and implementation of future PSD initiatives so as to leverage the sector’s role in spurring economic growth and advancing development effectiveness in Africa.

Date: 19/10/2016

The Country Strategy and Program Evaluation (CSPE) for Zambia is being carried out as part of the Comprehensive Evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Development Results (CEDR). It covers 3 Bank Country Strategy Papers for Zambia over the period 2002-2015 and a total of 39 projects, amounting to approximately 660 million UA. The projects include 32 national operations and 7 multinational operations targeting regional integration.

Date: 11/10/2016

In    2006,    the    African    Development    Bank    (AfDB)    approved    funding    of    USD    84m    for    Phase    I    of    the    Rural    Water    Supply    and    Sanitation    Programme    (RWSSP)    in    the    United    Republic    of    Tanzania.        Phase    II    of    AfDB    funding,    contributing    USD    65m,    ran    from    2011    to    2015.    The    RWSSP    is    a    contribution    to    Component    2    (Rural    Water    Supply    and    Sanitation)    of    the    national    Water    Sector    Development    Programme    (WSDP),    2006    –