Work Program

IDEV’s three-year rolling work programs provide the framework within which IDEV activities are planned, resourced, and implemented.  The work program links policy to programming. This is critical for managerial accountability and effective use of resources. 

2016-2018 Work Program

In December 2015, the Board of Directors approved a new IDEV Work Program covering the years 2016-2018.

Work Program 2016 - 2018

In February 2017, IDEV presented an update to the 2016-2018 Work Program to the Board for the years 2017-2018

Addendum to Work Program. 


2014-2016 Work Program

In November 2013, a substantive update to the 2013-2015 Work Program was approved, covering the years 2014-2016.

2013-2015 Work Program

A three-year Rolling Work Program for 2013-2015 was presented to the Committee on Operations and Development Effectiveness of the Bank’s Board of Directors in late 2012.