Mr. Madhusoodhanan MAMPUZHASSERIL Principal Evaluation Officer

Madhusoodhanan (Madhu) Mampuzhasseril is a Principal Evaluation Officer with Independent Development Evaluation, IDEV.2 Division.

Prior to joining the Bank as a staff in 2009, he worked with the department as a long-term consultant, involved in sector level evaluations of health, education, and agriculture and rural development, and in the evaluations of the Bank’s decentralisation strategy and process, and the quality-at-entry of ADF 2005-2008 operations and strategies.

He recently completed two corporate evaluations that looked into the efficiency and effectiveness of the Bank’s a) operational procurement policy and practice; and b) administrative budget management. He is currently task-managing the Country Strategy and Programme Evaluations for Ghana and Zambia.

Before joining the Bank, Madhu was working with VIKSAT Nehru Foundation for Development, conducting research on community management of groundwater in Gujarat, India. During 1996-2000, he worked with the Centre for Development Studies and Activities (CDSA), as Deputy Director, and coordinated the master’s degree in Development Planning and Administration of the University of Pune.

Madhu holds postgraduate qualifications in development policy and planning (University of Wales), Development Planning (University of Pune) and Economics (University of Calicut).